Planning to Define the Outcome

How can planning proceed in the absence of clearly stated strategic objectives and of a clearly defined Desired End State (DES)? How does the military determine its measures of success ? Strategic Objectives The man who is ready to beard a tiger or rush a river without caring whether he lived or died that sort of man I should not take. I should certainly take someone who approached difficulties with due caution and who preferred to succeed by strategy. Sun Tzu The Art of War The same strategic objective can bring out different reactions from different people. It s the well-defined goals and desired results that should drive strategic planning. The strategic objective is the political aim (e.g. freedom from oppression, conquering neighboring states, defense from insurgents). Every military operation should be directed towards clearly defined, decisive, and attainable goals. These goals, or objectives, must drive military actions throughout the entire spectrum of military operations. Th

Planning to Define the Outcome

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