The Art of War – By Sun Tzu – A Concise Book Review

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese treatise on strategy and tactics in war, written over 2000 years ago by Sun Tzu, a military general at the time. Its discussions on strategy and tactics are so comprehensive and in-depth that it has been applied to all sorts of arenas; business, sport and relationships being examples of its diverse applicative power. Its message is that open war is not always the most effective means of destroying your enemy; covert guile, through economic disruption and intelligence gathering is often more effective. To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy s resistance without fighting. Its content consists of Sun Tzu s advice and reflection upon how to conduct war, and the conditions that affect war; both ones you can influence, and some factors out of your control. Although the terminology is regarding war, it is quite interesting to apply terms such as siege to business. A lot of the

The Art of War – By Sun Tzu – A Concise Book Review

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