Musashi Miyamoto

Musashi was a warrior with great skill and a way of life which reflected his dedication making him the greatest swordsman to ever live. His life was full of glory and he was always reaching for excellence in whatever he did. He wrote a book on strategy that is still widely used a philosophical guide. His skill with a blade is the stuff of legend and his duels will be told about for years to come. A long time ago in Japan Hirata Munisai, a vassal of the Lord Shinmen of the surrounding province, and his wife, gave birth to a son. They named him Miyamoto Benosuke as that was the family and samurai name. He was brought up as a Buddhist by his uncle Dorinbo, who also taught him reading and writing. When he was old enough, his father taught him in the way of the sword. He was by chance brought before the shogun, and in two out of three rounds won against a famed sword master named Yoshiaki. Because of the incident he was named, by the ruling shogun, best in Japan . His psyche was focused on

Musashi Miyamoto

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