Miyamoto Musashi – The Greatest Warrior Of Japan

In the 16th Century, Japan was a land wrought by the climactic conclusion of the centuries-old civil wars fought by the samurai. The samurai is an elite class of the society and they are warriors ruling their own local domains with a militarized point of reference. Much of their decisions, therefore, are bent on the intention of waging war. For centuries, many clans continue to fight their way towards the title of supreme dictatorship (Shogun) and as one clan emerged victorious, another would competent ruler somewhere within the land would destroy the harmonious government of the incumbent leader and, through war, seeks a way to usurp the title of supreme dictatorship. This has been the ultimate motivation for most people of the samurai class. Despite their fairly advanced civilization in Asia around those times, Japan was pretty much a barbaric place that considers violence an everyday reality. Of all the samurai men and women chronicled in Japan s history, none was as obscure and as

Miyamoto Musashi – The Greatest Warrior Of Japan

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