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The Most Hard-Nosed, Simple, Realistic Personal Development Secrets In The World…

I based a lot of this training (and my life) on the Taoist classics. The problem for most people is that those texts are full of aphorisms and metaphor – leaving some of the greatest training on personal development suggestive, implicit and obscure in meaning.

That obscurity makes the key arguments and ideas in question less than easy to digest – especially in the case of general readers today.

In “The Way” I’ve re-organized the majority of some of the greatest thought in human history by theme, along with relevant commentary based upon my travels and training experiences everywhere from Wudangshan to The Rajasthani Desert to Buddha Tatkatho.

The result is a simple, easy to understand training program that helps you gain insight into the highlights of Taoism as a philosophy of life and a way of living.

Blog | The Four Elements

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